It is estimated that 3% of Americans have had a near death experience. In my family, it is more than 30%.

Art, Music, Story Telling, Science, Spirituality, and Philosophy are some of my favorite pastimes and areas of interest.

Having a Human body is a great opportunity for which I am profoundly thankful.

My story began a long time ago but the part that is most interesting began in 1963. The book is a brief history of my life as a Walk In.

As an artist, I have created many pieces and you can find a couple thousand on some of my web sites. Surreal Digital Art is my preferred style and medium. Of the animations I have created, BOUND is my favorite.

A Walk In Lifeon

What is Life?

We all are alive or so it seems. We either arrived here or arose here. Many of us don't even wonder or care until perhaps we are approaching death.

I wondered until I was in my twenties. That was when I began to realize what the strange memories were about. I was nineteen when the realization that my life was not like the lives of those I knew became my reality. I have no memories of this body prior to 1963 even though the body had been alive for 14 years by that time.

This is my story. It is about being alive and how it feels to take a Walk In Life in an abandoned body without memories of its youth.